Artists Cover Deathloop’s Signature Song, Déjà Vu

Bethesda and PlayStation have partnered with artists Madison Beer, Steve Aoki and Future to celebrate the launch of Deathloop with their own covers of the game’s signature music single, Déjà Vu.

These tracks are now available on each of the artist’s TikTok accounts, ready to be looped over and over.

The single Déjà Vu debuted earlier in 2021 and captured the imagination of gamers all over the world. Taking inspiration from iconic opening credits to a Bond movie, Arkane Studios worked with Sencit and FJØRA to craft the track.

In Deathloop, the player takes on the role of Colt, an assassin stuck in a time loop who has been tasked to take out eight targets called Visionaries across the island before midnight, as leaving even one alive will cause the time loop to reset and undo his work.

Further, should Colt die before taking out the eight targets, he will wake back up at the start of the loop.

Madison covered the single with her pop voice, while Future has put a hip-hop spin on the track. Finally, DJ Steve Aoki remixed the tune to create a modern classic fit.

Fans are encouraged to take part in the looping action by heading to TikTok to create, stitch or duet these artist covers.

Deathloop is available exclusively for the PlayStation 5 and PC.