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Adam Prince King: Before The Sun Goes Down

London native and lyrical pop artist, Adam Prince King, has announced the release of his new single, Before The Sun Goes Down. The single is the follow-up to his debut hit single, Flamingos, which went viral upon its release in 2016.

The track - written and produced by the London-based artist - is taken from his debut EP, and will be released later this year. Influenced by the likes of David Bowie and Madonna, Adam Prince King has become known for his experimental sound and unconventional look: his striking artistry and his effortless love affair with all things eccentric only adds to his musical tapestry.

Whereas Flamingos was a moody, tropical number, Before The Sun Goes Down is honestly vulnerable, yet it is a single filled with catchy hooks and shiny pop lyrics, which might just make some of you want to take to the dance floor til the early hours..!

Headliner is proud to bring you the exclusive video for Before The Sun Goes Down - check it out below. The single is available to download now, and more information can be found on Adam’s Facebook page HERE.