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BEARNIE Teases EP Release With ‘Done’ Music Video

Indonesian-Italian singer-songwriter, producer and sound engineer, BEARNIE is poised to announce her debut release with the arrival of the music video for Done, lifted from her forthcoming EP Vanilla Pie, which is due this summer.

Drawing on a myriad of influences from soul, RnB and pop, Done is a poignant, meditative commentary on self-reflection, layered with BEARNIE's emotive vocal delivery.

"Done has been written due to conflicting mental states. It’s a war between heart and mind,” she explains.

“The song was written from a corrupted mind set that could only see negativity in the situation. Anger and disappointment was all I could feel. I only saw myself in the situation and thought with selfishness: ‘You stabbed my heart as if you didn’t know me, you treat my feelings like a joke and can’t seem to minimally will to even care or understand what you did.’ was all I saw at that point.

“I’m was done and couldn't mentally handle the situation. The poison and negativity of my mind blinded me. I couldn’t start again, so I didn’t start again."

Born in Milan, Italy to an Indonesian mother and Italian father, Alberto Contini, a music publisher, producer and frontman of cult Italian ‘80s metal band Bulldozer and raised in an artistic family, music came to BEARNIE naturally.

She started writing her own poems at age 11 and writing songs at 13. Discovering a knack for production and sound engineering, BEARNIE's evolution continued at the SAE Institute in London, leading to various work as a live sound engineer and tour manager.

Technically adept, she graduated with honours with a BSc in Audio Production at the tender age of 19. There, she started gaining interest in acoustic engineering as acoustics was the subject of her final thesis.

She then moved back to Milan to build up a home studio and start her career as a producer and sound engineer.

As soon as she turned 20, she teamed up with her family members to start a music project that represented herself. The end result is her debut EP Vanilla Pie, an introspective, intimate body of work showcasing BEARNIE's natural song-craft, production and shimmering melodies.

"This EP represents my psychological growth until this day. I am thankful for being here today and wish to thank whoever was by my side during my worst periods, those who insisted even when there was no apparent reason to my eyes for them in doing so."