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Broad City Music Supervisor Matt FX Releases Two Groove-Laced Singles

DJ and producer Matt FX has released two singles, A Love Beginning and Pero No Te Quiero.

Matt FX is also known as the mind behind the soundtrack of the hit Comedy Central TV show Broad City, as well as for his appearances on VICE News Tonight and the Food Network.

His latest project includes two sensual singles, A Love Beginning and Pero No Te Quiero, which were written and produced between Mexico City and Brooklyn, and feature vocals from multi-talented NY artist Melika.

A Love Beginning is a cool, crisp, neon single dripping in vibrant dynamics and lush additional instrumentation from saxophonist and producer Braxton Cook.

Reminiscent of Disclosure, Melika’s sleek vocals glide over the beat to create an energetic pulse, accompanying the rise and fall of the track's melodies.

Pero No Te Quiero, meanwhile, narrates a toxic, yet passionate relationship, channeling late ‘90s J. Lo and Madonna club vibes.

“The music is inspired by these little moments of hope, pain and wonder that you go through in specific circumstances,” he says.

“In a funny way, I feel like both songs sort of apply to this idea of seeing someone special across a room and immediately having all these thoughts race through your head.”