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Danielle Lewis: Live Forever

Welsh born Danielle Lewis’ goal for her new EP, Live Forever, (which drops on July 6) was clear from the offset: create honest and authentic music.

“Live Forever is achingly honest,” Danielle tells Headliner. “I have put my whole life into this record exploring a deeper side to my songwriting, and using this process to try and discover more about myself”.

Check out Live Forever HERE

Super Furry Animals’ Cian Ciaran is currently producing a remix of Danielle’s title track, Live Forever, and the amalgamation of his psychedelic rock vibe and Danielle’s delicate vocals make for an interesting collaboration.

“I wanted to evolve and flirt with different styles, and present a deeper depth vocally and lyrically,” the artist explains.

The EP features other lead track, Lead Me to The Sea, a single about the desire to travel with a guitar part that perfectly conjures up the sounds of rolling waves. It also includes additional standout tracks, Hollywood Sunshine, a delicate and powerful nod to the 1950s pin-up lady; and Ace of Hearts, the song that Danielle herself said was her boldest and biggest swerve in musical direction.

"I feel I am leaving this EP as I hope to begin the next body of work, but I am leaving a door wide open ready for where I may go next time," Danielle reveals.

The EP was produced by Secondson - someone Danielle respected for his perfectionism, and the intricate sophistication of his previous releases:

“I feel the songs I wrote for Live Forever warranted his attention," she says. "His production has given my songs dignity, and our collaboration has strengthened my authenticity as a person and an artist.”