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Drug Store Romeos Announce Debut Album

Hampshire trio Drug Store Romeos have shared their new single, What’s On Your Mind and announced their debut album, The world within our bedrooms, which will be released June 25.

Speaking about the new single, with its accompanying video by Qianhui Yu, the band commented:

“The last half of the song is sort of our interpretation of a mental journey through realisations about past situations that send you down rabbit holes of thought that end up linking to other rabbit holes.

“During this journey you go through positive and negative emotions, but the negative emotions are not inherently bad and can lead to positive change. What’s On Your Mind is also about perspective change and was made for listening to at 10pm as you’re settling in for the night.”

Recorded at London’s Eastcote Studios with regular producer George Murphy, The world within our bedrooms is a testament to youth and adventure; an escape from mundanity and proof that art will always open a door for those looking to escape.

The band explain:

“The album is a journey of emotions and colour schemes. A lot of bands have a consistent emotion across their whole album but we wanted to reflect the ever changing nature of someone’s mental state over a period of time.

“We always wanted to create our own world, and as a three we have this force field around us.”

With their beloved Stereolab, Broadcast, and Mild High Club acting as guiding lights, the band sought to shake things up and push beyond the walls of their bedroom.

Vocalist Sarah was inspired by Dadaist poet Hugo Ball and hung a print of transcendentalist artist Agnes Pelton’s 1934 piece, Orbits in the vocal booth.

“When I look at that painting it’s where I want my voice to exist,” she says of the work by an artist renowned for her abstract approach to depicting stillness, “I would sing and try to immerse myself in that.”

Drug Store Romeos also just announced their biggest headline show to date at London’s Scala on 17 November.