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Fuzz Skyler Release Defiant New Single, London Isn’t Burning

Following media buzz for their recent single Don’t Fight It Out, London rockers Fuzz Skyler have returned with a punky new track, London Isn’t Burning.

The song showcases a different side to the band after the classic rock poise of Don’t Fight It Out, and blasts along on a wave of choppy guitars and snarling but anthemic vocals.

London Isn’t Burning is a tribute to the city in which the band was formed and the place we all call home despite each band member originating from five very different places,” explains the band’s vocalist and songwriter Fuzz Marand.

“For us the city possesses a gravity that we all succumbed to, which has continued to hold us together. The heartbeat of the city represents to us a beacon of diversity, creativity, opportunity and love; traits that will continue to be true despite the chaos of the world unfolding around it. The people of London are the heroes of this song.”

Influenced by genre giants Queen, Oasis and David Bowie, the band’s music is driven by classic rock melodies, dynamic lead vocals and a passion to restore rock n’ roll to the very top of the musical tree.

The group came together under British-Iranian lead singer and keys player Marand, who headhunted British drummer Mark Howarth at a Bowie tribute act, a suitably fitting recruitment for his brand of ‘70s influenced songwriting.

Portuguese and Greek guitarists Dan Pereira and Kostas Paraskevas insisted they came as a pair when auditioning and share a musical telepathy that powers the band’s big riffs, and Lithuanian bassist Arnie was the final piece to the musical puzzle.

Fuzz Skyler will play The Fiddler in London on September 1.