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Miccoli: 1/2

UK-based sibling trio, Miccoli, are releasing an EP exclusively in the US this summer, entitled 1/2 - and they're also heading stateside this summer to kick off their North American tour starting in Los Angeles. Headliner grabbed five minutes with the band...

What is your favourite song from the EP?
This is going to sound like a cop out, but all three of us have our own favourites - but I guess there’s one we all really enjoy playing live, and that’s Idle Stranger.

How did you guys get started, and did you always know you wanted to become musicians?
Music has always been part of our lives from very early on, being dragged to piano lessons, orchestra, recitals... And we caught the bug, and haven’t looked back since.

You are all siblings. Have you ever had any brother/sister arguments when making music?
Yes we’ve had some epic arguments that probably would give the Gallaghers a run for their money! But as you grow as musicians and people, you have a better understanding of what really matters and what doesn’t.

Which artists do you taker inspiration from?
A lot of artists that our parents listened to really had an influence on us, from Fleetwood Mac, Carole king, and The Police to the sounds of Motown: Stevie Wonder, Diana ross, all those guys.

How do you write your material?
It really depends - sometimes we’ll have a lyric idea to base a song around, other times we’ll have a really nice guitar or piano riff and we'll build a song around that.

And you're soon off to the US - excited?
Yeah, we’ve always had a great response when we’ve played in the states, they are really supportive of new and up and coming music. There are some great live venues to play that have been graced by many iconic acts – it’s kind of like a rite of passage for musicians to play those venues.

What has been your biggest career highlight to date?
There has been a few but having our video aired on MTV and VH1 sandwiched between Ed Sheeran and Taylor swift was pretty cool for an independent artist.

What can we expect from Miccoli in the future?
Our official debut album called Arrhythmia is set for release in the autumn of this year, then following that, obviously world domination..!

CLICK HERE to listen to the new Miccoli EP