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Mollie Marriott releases new single

Talented UK songstress, Mollie Marriott, has released what we think is a cracking little track, A Million Miles, the first single from her debut solo album of the same title, and it's available now on iTunes, Amazon Music, and Spotify.

Think rock and roll with a lot of soul. Vocally, Mollie is effortless, with a great dynamic tone not so dissimilar to that of Stevie Nicks. In fact, the more we listen, the more we hear that Fleetwood Mac influence rising to the surface. And we like it. A lot.

Mollie is also the daughter of the late great Steve Marriott (Small Faces and Humble Pie), so it was not uncommon for rock and roll legends to be hanging around the house when she was growing up. And she is no stranger to performing: at 15, she was asked by Liam Gallagher to guest on the Oasis album Heathen Chemistry, and she's also shared mega-stages (the Royal Albert Hall, for example) with the likes of Paul Weller, Zak Starkey, Deborah Bonham, and the legendary Ronnie Wood, as part of the Ronnie Lane Memorial Concert.

Like any artist born into rock royalty, musical comparisons will inevitably be made to her Dad, but from what we can gather, she has nothing to worry about there. Mollie has her own sound, her own great songs, and her own musical vision - and most of all, she's genuine. Everything is from the heart, and everything is about the music.

Look out for our full Mollie Marriott feature in the next issue of Headliner, where Mollie talks more about her entertaining and at times jaw-dropping musical upbringing, and the much anticipated new album. And in the meantime, go to the iTunes Store and help support a truly talented artist. We have.

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