Aspiring Headliner

President Street

President Street, the Australian pop fusion collective, are gearing up for the UK release of their new EP, Involuntary Actions, on April 13th, and if their previous successes are anything to go by, it will not disappoint.

Yeah I Know, a track from their new EP, moves away from being a typical pop song, and plays with the idea of using a classic film structure when writing music. The track depicts a three-act journey through the different stages of betrayal, a structure that Pete, President Street's frontman, was inspired to use after spending time with TV scriptwriters.

The titles of the acts speak for themselves: Suspicion, Acceptance, and Anger, The first features hypnotic guitars and fluid vocals, the second is centres around a super-smooth bass line, and the third showcases pure anger, both instrumentally, and lyrically. It all captures that journey through betrayal.

Within this unique five-track EP, I Gotta Move On is also stand-out; it focuses on the realisation that you are in a dead-end situation, and documents the moment when you know that something has to change. Forward Stride and Looking for a Sign are upbeat, high-octane, thought-provoking numbers; and closer, IGK, is President Street at their most raw, encapsulating the insecurity of new love.

Involuntary Actions was picked up by over 100 radio stations when it premiered in the US, and even charted in some, too. The UK release is set on the same trajectory, so let's hope Britain picks up on the quality within this collection of tracks in the same manner, and gives these guys the break they deserve.