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Rachael Sage: Spark

Rachael Sage, award winning vocalist and talented multi-instrumentalist, premieres her new track, Spark, in the run up to the autumn release of her 13th album, Myopia.

Featuring Rachael’s velvety vocals, and expertly written lyrics, Spark is a real triumph. Have a listen HERE

Myopia is the 13th album that Rachael has released since she founded her own record label MPress Records two decades ago. Although all of her former releases feature Rachael’s distinctive sound, they also document the journey that she has been through as an artist. She has an ardent desire to innovate and evolve so as to be the best artist that she can be, a mantra that results in releases like Spark and Myopia.

Spark is set to be released on the July 6, with the remainder of Myopia following this autumn.