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Roger Sanchez & Lina: Can't Keep Falling

Anyone who was around in the early noughties, will of course remember the legendary Another Chance by Roger Sanchez. Still as strong today as it was during its peak chart position, it’s a track that lives in our memory, and will do for a long time.

That’s why we’re always keen to hear something from the legend himself. This time, it’s a groovy, piano led 4/4 house track that’s vintage Sanchez, mixed with the powerhouse vocals of Lina Makhoul, winner of The Voice (Israel). The occasionally spacey vocals mean it’s one of those flexible tracks that works when played in the background when you’re trying to relax, but it’s also got the right kind of beat you want to start dancing to.

Upbeat and lively, this remix takes Lina’s beautiful vocals to make something new and enjoyable - this is a remix match that was made in heaven, and we can strongly recommend this one for the summer months to come. Check out the full track HERE.