Audix’s PDX720: the new gold standard dynamic vocal mic?

Audix has unveiled the PDX720 professional dynamic studio microphone at NAMM 2023, designed for the most demanding studio recording engineers and producers, vocal recording, high-end home studios, professional podcasting and voiceover work.

According to the manufacturer, the PDX720 excels on lead and backing vocals and spoken word applications due to its ability to produce natural, smooth vocals with great low-end extension, even without active filtering.

The microphone’s standard default gain level eliminates the need for preamp boosts or cloud lifters. The PDX720 also features two unique three-position switches that enable users to quickly modify sound by adjusting the low cut and presence boost, minimising the need for complex sound mixing adjustments.

“My favourite setting was with all the switches in the ‘off’ position, vocals sounded more natural and it gives you a great template to mix, very smooth on the top, great low-end extension without being boomy. It’s very pleasant-sounding,” said JC Fredrickson, audio engineer and theatre technician. “Having one microphone that excels in many sources is a plus.”

Beyond its vocal recording capabilities, the PDX720 is also a natural choice for drum and instrument recording, with its warm low-end tones and clear, defined highs which produce great clarity without sounding harsh.

The new PDX720 is designed, machined, assembled and tested by Audix in Wilsonville, Oregon, U.S.

The PDX720 will be available to purchase from the beginning of May in the US and will be available in the rest of the world in July.

See the PDX720 at NAMM on booth #14702.