Baby Audio releases free compression plugin, Beat Slammer

Baby Audio has announced a new free plugin called Beat Slammer, a compression plugin for smashing and squashing drums, beats or entire mix busses.

The new, free tool has been designed to give users a pumping and 'bouncy' compression sound that ‘slaps you in the face’ and brings muscle to weak tracks.

The plugin is based on Baby Audio’s popular compression algorithm IHNY-2 and functions as a parallel compressor, meaning users can compress even harder than they normally would and just blend in the compressed signal to taste, while retaining the dynamics of the dry signal. The XY pad lets users set the compression amount and dry/wet mix in one motion, then adjust the make-up gain and output.

Earlier this year, the company also released its first ever synth plugin BA-1, following on from the release of its Pitch Drift plugin, which is designed to add a more natural and organic feel to your tracks.

You can also read Headliner’s review of Baby Audio’s TAIP AI-powered emulation plugin here.