Bilingual Hip Hop Track Takes Aim At Current Political Decisions

London-based Hungarian singer and songwriter NAGYEDi has released a collaboration with ТУРА (TuraH), an Armenian writer and MC from Artsakh on a song called Lines, which criticises political decisions and encourages people to support and love each other.

“When ТУРА contacted me with the idea of writing a song together, I said yes without any hesitation,” said NAGYEDi on the song, which was written in Armenian and English.

“Our cultures, backgrounds and experiences are different, but we still have the same opinion on many topics. We chose to write about the world’s events that increase distance between people, both geographically, mentally and spiritually.”

“After about three months, we finished the song. It is about the worries of both of us in the current reality, where world leaders still seem to find an easy way to kill a person, in the name of peacekeeping,” added ТУРА.

The track was produced by Armenian artist, Dibeta, and NAGYEDi was responsible for the artwork.

The collective have also launched a Bandcamp campaign, and all the profits from April sales will be donated to the UK-based charity, Choose Love.

“Besides their name, more importantly the organisation’s mission is the closest to our message,” said NAGYEDi. “We can’t do much in order to change the world, but we can use our voices, talk about our feelings and make it a common cause.”