5 Ways To Stand Out On Spotify

5 Ways To Stand Out On Spotify

In April 2019, Spotify announced that the huge sum of 40,000 songs are added to its streaming service every DAY. That’s over a million tunes a month. Figures such as these bring many questions to mind: How much is Spotify earning? How much are they paying the artists? What does this mean for the company and the music industry itself? The answers to these questions are out there and of course a wide range of views have been expressed. However, one question we feel hasn’t been answered is this: What can you do as an artist to stand out amongst such vast competition?

We’ve pulled together a list of simple things you can do as an artist to shine bright in the ocean of streaming and get yourselves noticed.

So you’ve recorded your single / EP / album and you’re ready to get your music out there and get noticed. You may have a distribution company on-side, you may be uploading to Spotify yourself – whatever the case, the first few steps before the official release date are vital to getting your music sitting in the space that you want – and *fingers crossed* – playlisted amongst artists in the same pond as you.


You’ll need to get signed up and verified on the Spotify for artists (SFA) app and claim your artist profile. Through Spotify for artists you can control the look and feel of your artist page, upload songs and submit them to editorial teams, create your own artist playlists, choose and change your artist pick – be it your latest release, a gig you have coming up or some merchandise of yours – and much, much more.

Once you’ve uploaded your song(s), you’ll then need to feed SFA all of your song information, for example - main genre, music cultures, music moods, styles, instrumentation, etc. Give Spotify as much information as possible for them to understand your art as much as you do!

Then you’ll need to submit a song for playlist consideration at least seven days before its release date. When submitting a track, again, you’ll need to feed Spotify all the info about your song, such as genre and mood to improve the likelihood that it will land on the most suitable playlist. Over 36,000 artists have been added to an editorial playlist for the very first time through the submission tool since May 2019 – you could be next.


Much like your Instagram page, you’ll want to make the biggest and best first impression possible when listeners land on your artist page. Think carefully about your artist image and header photo – try to grab them by the (eye)balls! You can also add more images to your photo gallery. People will want to know all about the artist they’re listening to, so keep your bio up to date and tell them who you are! Complete with all your social media handles.


Your fans will also be interested in your own musical journey. How did you create your sound? What inspires you? Making your own playlists, featuring what you’re listening to, what you wind down to and, and what gets you going are all great ways of sharing your own musical taste and showing how it all culminates into your sound. Don’t be shy to slip your own songs in there too; If the sound of your own voice is what turns you on, who am I to judge?…


It’s now becoming easier and easier to share music from Spotify to social media platforms. The moment your music is available to listen to or pre-save, share it all over your pages to spread the good news! You can also share playlists, individual songs, albums – all straight to your Instagram stories with a ‘flick of your wrist’.

Be sure to share your artist page on your social profiles to gain followers on your artist account too. This way they can hear your songs will feature straight onto their Release Radar playlist. This means that if you have 100,000 followers on Spotify, you’ll automatically be featured on 100,000 playlists the week of your release.


Keep juggling these key areas of your Spotify artist page and you’ll quickly see your monthly listeners go up before your very eyes. If your listeners dip down, don’t frown, check what needs updating. Sometimes a little share on your Instagram can make all the difference and you can monitor the spikes and slides from the Spotify for artists app to see what works for you and your fans.

The Spotify for artists app is available on mobile for you to check your stats whether you’re on the bus, train or tube. Or simply for you to show off your climbing figures after a few too many at your local venue…

Words by Floyd Mason.