6 Top Tips To Make A Great Record

6 Top Tips To Make A Great Record

The MPG will be hosting a panel at BBC Introducing Live on Thursday October 31st entitled ‘The Making Of Great Records’. Ahead of this, the panellists and some of the MPG board have provided their top tips to making a great record.

Nowadays it’s easy to craft a decent demo in the comfort of your own home on a computer, tablet or even on a phone. So why even go near a studio? The MPG will talk to its panel of expert recording engineers, producers and mixers this week to find out the difference between having all the tools, and knowing how to use them.

6 Top Tips:

1. Avril Mackintosh (Bryan Adams, S Club 7)

"Don't waste precious studio time: be as prepared as you possibly can be. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse beforehand. Don't leave vocals to the last thing, and make sure the lyrics are completed and correct so everyone knows what the agreed lyric is supposed to be (as singers sometimes change them at the last minute!) Have a realistic schedule of what you want to achieve, and try to stick to it."

2. Tim Bran (London Grammar, Birdy, James Morrison)

“Get the desired emotion or feeling across to the listener – whatever that takes. Having better recording equipment can help, but it’s not vital.”

3. Jessica Sharman (Wards Thomas, Gabrielle Aplin, Áine)

“For me, to make a great record you’ve got to be excited about the songs you are recording. If I’m not invested in what I’m producing, or if the feeling, meaning or intention isn’t there, the record will reflect that. A great record has a great energy – a vibe in the room, an excitement to bring something intangible into the real world in the hope that it will pass on its energy; whether it was written to heal, to express frustration or to share joy.”

4. Olga Fitzroy, MPG Board

"There’s no such thing as a demo. Record everything to a high enough standard that it could be used on the final record. Because it might well be!"

5. Cameron Craig, MPG Board

"You might have an amazing recording chain, but gear doesn't make records, people do – so always be ready to capture them at their best."

6. Bruno Ellingham, MPG Board

"Remember, music is entertainment – you need to relax and enjoy the process.”

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