Faithless frontman Maxi Jazz revamps studio with KRK monitors

Faithless vocalist, DJ and songwriter Maxi Jazz has equipped his project studio in Jamaica with a new set of KRK ROKIT G4s, which he says have provided both high-end audio quality and durability in light of the humid climate of his location by the sea.

Though most prominently known for his work with British electro icons Faithless, Jazz has also worked with a wide range of leading artists and musicians throughout his career, including the likes of Jah Wobble’s Invaders Of The Heart, as well as UK pianist Jason Rebello’s jazz group. He now writes and records a vast array of sessions from his project studio, which has been bolstered by the arrival of his new KRK system.

“I first came across KRK in Jamaica in 2005 while looking for some monitors for my room in my mum’s house in Kingston,” explained Jazz. “They came highly recommended, so I took a chance, made the purchase, and have been using them ever since. Investing in KRK was definitely the right move for me.”

According to Jazz, one of the key features of the G4s is the bass response.

They're easy to set up and extremely high quality. Maxi Jazz, Faithless

“My love of reggae and hip-hop music means that it’s critical I get an accurate bass response to keep me in check while mixing,” he continued. “Also, my voice is low and deep, so mid-range accuracy is key. This sweet spot is lacking in a lot of other nearfield monitors that seem to be present in many studios. They need KRKs!

“We moved to a property by the sea and my KRK ROKITs have stood up incredibly well to the salty, corrosive environment—it’s really impressive. The monitors are well-engineered and durable. I couldn’t be happier with my G4s.”

In addition to his Jamaica studio, Jazz also has a space in London, which he regularly uses for writing and demoing tracks. Though a significantly smaller studio, he was still keen to incorporate KRKs into the setup.

“All of the demos created in my 48-track SSL studio in Jamaica and my (much more basic) setup in London have incorporated KRKs, and I see no reason to ever change to another brand. They’re simple, easy to setup and use, and extremely high quality.”