Keychange hits milestone, launches UN eco initiative

Keychange UK project manager, Maxie Gedge, has spoken to Headliner about the group’s new sustainability drive and how the total number of music organisations signed up to the Keychange Pledge has now topped 500.

Last month, Keychange partnered with the UN Sustainable Development Goals Action Campaign and Music Innovation Hub on an ambitious blueprint event dubbed Play:Fair For People and Planet - a major United Nations music activation for sustainability and climate. The event, a concert held in Milan, was the first ‘mobilization moment’ leading up to September’s Global Week to #Act4SDGs.

Designed to leverage music to inspire people to take action, the concert was curated and produced with sustainability in focus, held during daylight hours, utilising pre-existing stages that required minimal production, and hosting local artists and a local audience that were encouraged to use sustainable transport to travel to the event. With a focus on the global broadcast, the event was accessible to people across the world.

Meanwhile, last month also saw the 500th music organisation sign up to the Keychange Pledge – a programme where companies, festivals and organisations of any kind can commit to levelling their staffing and programming to 50% women and gender minorities.

To find out more, Headliner spoke to Gedge about these latest accomplishments and the organisation’s ongoing work. You can listen to our interview in full below.