Neve launches new and upgraded Recall software

Neve has rolled out a new and improved version of its Recall software as a free download.

The updated version of the Recall software provides an interactive platform that delivers total recall of all hardware settings and enhances the capabilities of Neve-88 series hardware units and the 2254/R compressor/limiter.

The software programme has been designed to give producers and engineers control of up to 16 Neve analogue outboard units from a connected computer. The settings for each unit can be stored and quickly recalled, meaning that users can take make use of every feature available via their Neve analogue outboard gear.

Recall software runs on a Mac or a PC, with hardware units connected to the computer via USB or through a powered USB hub. Once connected, the Recall software automatically finds them and provides an interactive software platform that makes it easy to control, save and recall all hardware settings.

Neve units that can be controlled via Recall software include the 8801 Channel Strip, the 8803 dual EQ, the 8804fader pack, the 8816 summing mixer and the 2254/R limiter/compressor.

As well as offering unlimited recall of all switch settings, rotary pot and fader positions, Neve’s upgraded software also provides a stereo matching function for the 8803 dual EQ (a must-have feature for master bus processing), an on-screen drag-and-drop audio processing matrix for the 8801 channel strip, and an array of direct output routing options for the 8804 fader pack and 8816 summing mixer.

The new Recall software can be downloaded for free from