New Natalie & The Damn Shandys Single Captured By Black Lion Audio

Black Lion Audio recently played a key role in capturing the new single by New York-based country/Americana trio Natalie & The Damn Shandy, with all vocals and instruments recorded via its Revolution 2x2 portable recording interface.

The new single Lay Eyes On You was recorded at VuDu Studios with producer Mike Watts, who also used two Avatone Pro CV-12BLA microphone in conjunction with the Black Lion interface during the sessions.

"Mike Watts and I decided to do a project together featuring the Black Lion Revolution and the Avantone Pro CV-12BLA,” explained Jon Haber, president of Black Lion Audio. “When I received back the initial track on Natalie & The Damn Shandys, the great sound quality was only overshadowed by how great the song was! I was floored. It's a special song created by special people. I love it."

Since releasing their debut EP Overlook Trail back in 2016, Natalie & The Damn Shandys have since dropped a number of standalone singles, including 48 Polaroid and Homebody.

They have also performed live alongside the likes of Chely Wright, Trace Adkins, Joe Nichols, and more.

Lay Eyes On You is out now.