Sonnox Huge November Plugin Sale Now On

Sonnox recently announced its November sale, offering up to 75% off across almost the entire range of products.

Up until December 3rd, you can pick up the majority of Sonnox’ plugins for at least half their usual price.

For the first time since their launch, both Native and HDX versions of the company’s popular Oxford Inflator and Oxford TransMod plugins will be included in the sale, and subject to an impressive 75% discount.

A unique and powerful plugin to increase loudness without sacrificing sonic quality or dynamic range, Oxford Inflator is designed to add power and presence to your mix without the pumping of compression, or use on individual channels to bring them forward and add weight - perfect to help vocals cut through the mix.

Transmod on the other hand modifies the transients in your tracks by either increasing or reducing their attacks.

Customers who have recently bought any of the discounted plugins will be eligible for a rebate, as long as they purchased the products after 15th October. The sale discount cannot be combined with any other discount, such as education pricing.

An iLok account and active internet connection is required to use iLok Cloud authorisation (an iLok2/3 device is required for authorisation of Fraunhofer ProCodec, Restore and Live bundles). Qualifying plugins must be registered to a single iLok account.