TikTok Sensation Jeven Releases Debut Single, Butterflies

TikTok sensation, Jeven is known for generating nearly 200 million views and building an audience of over 4 million followers in under one year. As he gears up for the next chapter in his career as a musician, the artist has announced the official release of his debut single, Butterflies.

“I don’t want to sound like anybody else,” said Jeven (full name Jeven Reliford). “I try to make everything my own. I switch it up and keep my content personal. I’ve been through a lot, but I’m always going to try to make people smile. I give as much as I can.”

The Georgia-born singer, songwriter and performer is keen to brighten up pop with a contrast of R&B energy and sharp sensitivity.

Born in Dallas, GA but raised in Cartersville, GA Jeven is the youngest of three siblings and initially embraced music by singing along with his older sisters.

Where Jeven really honed his voice, however, was by belting out the Bruno Mars staple, When I Was Your Man. Simultaneously, he developed a wide palette, listening to everyone from Drake and Ashanti to Florida Georgia Line, Morgan Wallen, Chris Stapleton, and Luke Combs.

From the beginning, I didn’t want to be an influencer or just get internet famous.

During September 2019, a short clip of Jeven singing Post Malone’s Goodbyes exploded on TikTok with 3.5 million views. Rather than flood the platform with content, he took a highly curated and selective approach, showcasing the breadth of his voice and choosing quality over quantity.

Among a handful of highly trafficked posts, he covered Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me To The Moon and Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, generating millions of views.

Despite his success on TikTok, his ambitions have always exceeded social media:

“From the beginning, I didn’t want to be an influencer or just get internet famous,” he said. “Singing is a place where I can go and not think about anything but the note I’m hitting. If I feel some type of way, I can turn the music on and jam out. I express a lot of emotions through my vocal cords, so I treated this very seriously.

“When you hear me, I want you to get true excitement, fun, and good vibes. Maybe it soothes you or gives you some peace,” he adds.