Women In Music Production Support Girls In Afghanistan With Workshop

Various women in music technology organisations have come together to support women and girls in Afghanistan. This follows earlier this year when MPG award winning recording engineer, Olga Fitzroy announced that she would be donating the proceeds of any education bookings for the rest of the year to charities supporting women and girls in Afghanistan.

With the cause of women’s education and the accessibility of it being at the root of many women in music technology organisations, a number of them are banding together to support Fitzroy by putting on a co-hosted online workshop, available to musicians across the globe.

On December 9,, Music Production for Women (MPW), Saffron Music, We are Moving the Needle, Equalize Music Production and She Knows Tech will together be hosting a workshop on ‘What to consider to get the best recordings’.

During the session, Fitzroy, who has previously worked with artists such as Coldplay, Dua Lipa and Martin Garrix as well as on scores such as The Crown and Doctor Who, will be sharing her top tips and tricks that any producer or engineer can use to get the best takes.

The global span of the co-host organisations is a unique coming together of organisations in this space with MPW being based in Australia, We are Moving the Needle in the US and both Saffron and Equalize Music Production in the UK, and She Knows Tech, based in Spain.

“For me, it’s extremely exciting that we are collaborating in this way and I’m very much looking forward to us unifying our efforts more in the future to better support women in music and hopefully help to facilitate a more inclusive working space in the industry for all gender minorities”, says Xylo Aria, founder of Music Production for Women and winner of the Top 50 East London Innovators award for her work. “We are definitely stronger together”.

The session will be free to attend, with an optional but encouraged donation of any amount which will also be forwarded to Care International to support women in Afghanistan. 

The workshop has been designed in a way that producers with a variety of skill levels, from experienced engineers to those taking their first steps will be able to take something away from the session.

The right to learn and generate an income is one that many of us take for granted.

“I would have nothing if I hadn’t been allowed to study and work; I believe women and girls in Afghanistan deserve the exact same rights”, said Fitzroy.

Register for the session here