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Celestion launches new CDX14-3055 and CDX-3045 compression drivers

Celestion has announced the launch of two new 1.4” exit, neodymium magnet, high frequency compression drivers in the form of the CDX14-3055 and CDX14-3045.

The new drivers have been built to offer improved power handling and sensitivity, with a lower crossover point and overall reduction in size, making them compact HF solutions for use in fixed installation or touring sound systems.

The CDX14-3055 builds on its predecessor, the CDX14-3050, with an upgraded power handling capability of 120W (measured to AES standard) and a sensitivity of 108dB. The compression driver offers a lower minimum crossover point of 800Hz (12dB/oct) to increase application flexibility as well as a boost in sound pressure level above 5kHz. The CDX14-3055 is also more compact with an external diameter of 120mm which reduces the distance between acoustic centres when multiple units are used. 

Like its predecessor, the CDX14-3055 incorporates Celestion’s patented two-piece, deep drawn titanium diaphragm and maximum modal suppression phase plug, delivering an ultra-low noise performance.

One industry professional told Celestion: “The sensitivity at VHF is very high which is good, especially for passive systems. The listening experience was positive, with a sound signature that is world class.”

The companion CDX14-3045 driver is an upgraded version of Celestion’s earlier CDX14-3040, HF compression driver, this time featuring a single piece titanium diaphragm. Again, this HF solution features a power handling capability increased to 120W (measured to AES standard) and an enhanced sensitivity of 108dB with a lower crossover point of 800Hz (12dB/oct). In addition, the diameter of the CDX14-3045 has also been reduced, measuring in at a compact 117mm which improves close-coupling when employed in multiple driver applications.

“These two compression drivers are the latest examples of Celestion’s philosophy of continuing advancement,” explained Celestion marketing manager Ken Weller. “The CDX14-3055 and CDX14-3045 are both excellent options for high-quality sound reinforcement applications.”