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Celestion receives NAMM Milestone Award for 100 years of service to music products industry

Celestion began the celebration of its centennial anniversary year at the 2024 Winter NAMM Show by being honoured with the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Milestone Award for 100 years of service in the music products industry.

Presented by NAMM, the Milestone Award recognises music products businesses that have flourished through changing business environments to reach a noteworthy anniversary.

“Celestion are extremely grateful and humbled to be recognised by NAMM with the Milestone Award,” said Nigel Wood, managing director at Celestion. “As a company, we started making loudspeakers 100 years ago, and all this time later, we're making loudspeakers. A lot of companies are 100 years old, but Celestion is unique. The company has stayed true to its core identity.”

With a rich legacy spanning 10 decades, Celestion has made countless breakthroughs in loudspeaker technology and is synonymous with innovating the modern guitar amp speaker, capturing the hearts of generations of players with products that strike an ideal balance between power and tonal richness.

Throughout the years, the company has set benchmarks in hi-fi, instrument amplification speakers, and sound reinforcement, never losing sight of its focus on innovation and acoustic excellence. That’s why many of today’s most iconic amplifier and PA system manufacturers feature Celestion speakers at their core.

Over the past 100 years there have been many changes at Celestion – ownership and leadership have transitioned, markets have shifted. Yet at its core, the company’s essence remains the same as it was when the founders pioneered one of the world's initial cone loudspeakers. 

Through its unwavering pursuit of sonic perfection and relentless drive for innovation, Celestion has left an indelible imprint on the landscape of sound technology and solidified a legacy that resonates across generations of musicians and industry professionals alike.

The NAMM Milestone Awards are presented annually to industry leaders celebrating notable anniversaries during the annual winter NAMM Show, which brings together over 100,000 industry professionals to preview the latest gear, attend educational sessions and network with peers from around the world.