Sennheiser Launches Behind The Scenes YouTube Channel

Sennheiser has launched a YouTube channel named The Pulse – designed to give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the work of some of the world’s most ingenious creators and innovators.

The Pulse takes its viewers to places they wouldn’t normally see, from the role of a monitor engineer and the key skills needed to succeed in establishing a career touring the world as a live sound engineer with Mike Flaherty, to checking out Frank Turner’s new studio and hearing him reveal how he sets up his go-to mics and how that translates into a mix.

Pierre Morant, head of relationship management professional audio at Sennheiser spoke to Headliner about the most popular content on the channel, who it's for, and the company's YouTube goals.

We want to share our passion for audio and its industry, connect with existing and future end users and support creators.

Where did the idea stem from to create The Pulse?

We wanted to find a place to showcase end users’ stories and their passion for audio. We have connections with so many amazing people in the music industry, so we wanted to create a platform that would shine a light on their careers and their work in an unconventional way.

What do you hope to achieve with The Pulse?

To share our passion for audio and its industry, connect with existing and future end users and support creators. On The Pulse, we are sharing the stories of musical legends and engineers, their tips and tricks, and the audio tools they use to create their music.

Who do you think will benefit from watching the videos on the platform?

Anyone that’s passionate about audio. The YouTube channel addresses music fans, up and coming artists and aspiring engineers, as well as seasoned professionals – its viewers are as diverse as the music business itself, and they can be sure they’ll be finding out what’s new and cool in the industry.

Were you surprised by which videos took off? And what does this tell you about the kind of content people want to see on this channel?

We are very happy to see the variety of subscribers coming from all over the world. When we first introduced the platform, we wanted to give people invaluable resources for inspiration and learning, and a space where they can share their passion.

Nine months later, we are proud to say that the response has been amazing! We have just surpassed one million views and the channel keeps on growing.

What are your most watched videos?

Irma Seleman: 41K views:

Malaysian artist Irma Seleman showcased her newly released single Was It A Lie, where she also composed and produced the song herself. Instead of recording it in a studio, Irma decided to perform live and record together with a choir and background vocalists to give audiences a friendly community vibe.

Plus, there is a behind the scenes look where Irma explains the production of the single involving Malaysian musicians and singers all under one roof, performing Irma's own original music live.

Ed Sheeran Crew Call: 40K views:

We chat through a slide show of Ed Sheeran’s Divide Tour, which is the world record holding live tour for highest grossing and tickets sold.

We discuss the requirements and expectations of such a large scale tour and the intricacies and attention to detail needed to plan and execute a large scale event.

Covering tour management, production management, logistics, sound, lighting and the general all round vibe of a tour, we take a look behind the scenes with this incredible crew.

Chris Diener, front of house engineer / production manager for Kelsea Ballerini talking about touring and his career in the music business is at 30K views.

KSI backstage / behind the scenes: 25K:

KSI, one of the worlds biggest YouTubers and musicians, invited us along for a special, behind the scenes look of him on set recording a video for one of his latest songs Patience (feat. Yungblud & Polo G).

We also delve deep with Andy Robinson (live audio engineer, KSI and Mahalia) into the artists' current G4 wireless setup and find out why Sennheiser equipment is the industry standard you can trust.

Can you share any news of any videos that are coming up?

Yes, we have a few artist spotlights coming up that will be very interesting and a couple in the works that will be hosted by our friend, Suat. It should be pretty cool content to watch!