Sheet Music Sales Up 25% With More Brits Learning Instruments In Lockdown

The subject of sheet music saw some welcoming and positive news recently.

While many in the industry — such as live events organisers and live music venues — remain in jeopardy, there have been some encouraging reports in mainstream media on the success of musical instrument sales.

The impressive figures, provided by e-commerce site Presto Music and featured in iNews, is clear evidence of the enthusiasm and renewed interest that consumers are showing in playing instruments throughout lockdown, with pianos and guitars seeing a particular resurgence.

The following is an excerpt from the article “Sheet music sales soar 25% as UK turns to piano practice during COVID lockdown”, written by Adam Sherwin for iNews:


Sheet music sales soared by 25 per cent during lockdown as a nation of amateur ivory-tinklers finally sat down to some serious piano practice.

Presto Music, the leading e-commerce site for classical recordings, sheet music and music books, said sales grew by a quarter between April and September this year.

Digital piano sales rocketed too as millions of Britons with time on their hands sought out online tutorials to help them dust off skills or learn the instrument from scratch.

Chris O’Reilly, CEO of Presto Music, which carries 800,000 sheet music titles, said: “Lockdown has seen customer demand for classical and sheet music explode. This is simply down to the fact that people have had the time to take up what may have been a longing hobby.”

With swathes of Britain facing renewed restrictions, O’Reilly urged customers to place Christmas orders for digital pianos now.

He said: “From our data we can see that digital pianos were the most popular musical instrument during lockdown. We saw a huge amount of demand for these to the extent that there was a limited supply.”