d&b Answers 7 Questions On The D40 Mobile Amplifier

d&b audiotechnik’s new D40 mobile amplifier boasts reduced size and weight, advanced voltage management and increased system performance, while significantly reducing power consumption for improved environmental friendliness. d&b product manager, Wolfgang Schulz answers Headliner’s burning questions on the mobile version of the manufacturer’s 40D installation amplifier.

What makes the D40 amplifier innovative?

WS: The D40 has been tailor-made for mobile applications and incorporates comprehensive loudspeaker management, switchable filtering functions and uses advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to incorporate loudspeaker-specific configurations and user-definable setups, equalisation and delay.

The D40 represents a significant progression in mobile amplification, inheriting benefits from advances made in high efficiency loudspeaker design.

What are ideal mobile applications for the D40 amplifier?

WS: The unit's small 2RU size, reduced weight and connectivity flexibility makes it a perfect choice for mobile applications. The unit’s powerful signal processing extends the level of functionality of the onboard features.

These include a range of loudspeaker-specific filter functions plus two user-definable 16-band EQs, which facilitate system tuning. The delay capability covers a range of up to 10 seconds, designed to drive the d&b KSL medium to large format three-way line array loudspeakers to their full performance potential.

The d&b audiotechnik approach is to build integrated sound reinforcement systems that are more than the combination of parts. Every element is tightly specified, precisely aligned and carefully matched to achieve maximum efficiency.

All user-definable parameters are incorporated for ease of use, allowing adjustment – either directly – via remote control surfaces, or integrated within wider networks.

Why should someone invest in the D40 over the 40D installation amplifier?

WS: The 40D/D40 are the installation and mobile versions of the same amplifier. They are based on the same technology – a new amplifier DSP platform, but they play very different roles. The 40D is the most powerful amplifier in the d&b installation range.

It was initially launched with the KSLi System as none of the existing installation amplifiers were delivering the necessary output voltage and management to drive the high-performance, high-efficiency loudspeaker systems.

While the 40D features Phoenix Euroblock, 4 x AES and 4x analogue inputs with Phoenix Euroblock outputs, the D40 features XLR, 4 x AES or analogue inputs, with NL4 plus central NL8 outputs.

Both the D40 and 40D access the d&b remote network via an Ethernet connection using the Open Control Architecture protocol (AES70 / OCA). The D40 is controlled using the integrated web interface, enabling access via a browser or using the d&b R1 Remote control software.

The D40 enables up to eight input channels and provides four analogue inputs, as well as four AES3 channels with corresponding link outputs. Each input channel can be routed to any of the output channels. The amp combines advanced voltage management to drive systems that demand less input power as a whole.

The D40 includes enhanced energy-saving features, power efficiency, Automatic Wake up for environmentally responsible and sustainable green building requirements and a touchscreen and data wheel for fast, easy adjustments, while the 40D LCD touchscreen is for general setting and status monitoring.

Is significantly reducing power consumption in your products becoming more important to the company with all new launches?

WS: Yes. Respect for our planet and its resources is the responsibility of every enterprise and individual. d&b is committed long-term to far-reaching principles of sustainability and helping create a greener entertainment industry.

d&b is a signatory of a WIN-Charta, showcasing its clear commitment to economic, ecological and social responsibility. This promise makes sustainable management a permanent part of d&b’s mission statement and develops reliable and effective structures for it.

At all levels of the company d&b encourages incentives to rethink and act, and involve employees and all other stakeholders in a constant process to increase corporate sustainability.

d&b is proud to support ecology, sustainability and environmental responsibility, working with international and local organisations to supply employees and partners with the information and empowerment they need to make a real and positive difference.

Respect for our planet and its resources is the responsibility of every enterprise and individual. d&b is committed long-term to far-reaching principles of sustainability.

The amplifier works with ArrayCalc, ArrayProcessing, NoizCalc and the R1 Remote control software; is it intuitive for the user?

WS: The D40 is very intuitive to use. The amplifier's user interface consists of a 4.3-inch (480 x 272 pix.) colour touchscreen and a digital rotary encoder, providing comprehensive device configuration information and enhanced status monitoring.

As part of the d&b family, the D40 benefits from the full range of d&b technology software solutions, including ArrayCalc, ArrayProcessing, NoizCalc and the R1 Remote control software. These elements all come together in the highly efficient d&b workflow, maximising the performance, usability and value of d&b systems.

Why is advanced voltage management a key feature given today’s power requirements?

WS: The D40’s voltage management allows it to drive a modern, high-efficiency loudspeaker design where maximum output voltage is more relevant than output power, and this results in less power consumption.

Infrastructural benefits for the dimensioning of mains supply, air conditioning and capacity of the UPS to save on resources and meet environmental responsibility requirements.

The D40 utilises a switch mode power supply with automatic mains range selection and active Power Factor Correction (PFC) to produce a clean current draw and ensure stable and efficient performance under adverse mains conditions.

What kind of applications do you envisage the amp being used for as we come out of lockdown?

WS: A d&b system is much more than just equipment. It's a long-term relationship with genuinely enthusiastic individuals, ready to listen and share their experience and expertise in application support, education, training, service, sales and finance. The d&b teams develop technology to meet market needs, supported by people who know and love the industry.

From theatres, to stadiums, to corporate and industrial rental companies that serve an almost unimaginable range of applications, the D40 is a powerful, flexible and very reliable amplifier for almost any mobile sound system.

Audio engineers, consultants and contractors of all types will quickly recognise the quality and flexible user benefits of having a set of D40 amplifiers within their system.