Doc Brown: Corruptible

It's been some musical hiatus for Doc Brown, but last week he showed the world that he's still got what it takes to make a great rap record. Corruptible is a smart, in your face piece of work, and it's the first rap single he's released in 10 years.

“I always earmarked this song as being the jump off point, because of the way it came together,” Doc Brown tells Headliner, adding that producer, Alex Hayes, played a big part in the process. “When Alex played me that piano riff, and showed me what he wanted to do with the drums, it encouraged me to try something new in terms of delivery.”

I always earmarked this song being the jump off point...

Because of its 'bombastic feel', Corruptible was one of the first songs he wrote for the new album, Stemma, which drops later this year.

“It still feels like the track that most accurately says: 'this is a return', you know? That's why it's the first one; it's a serious thing, and at the same time, the video is fun, so it's a celebration in a lot of ways, and it felt like a good initial bridge-gapper. I just hope people react to it positively.”

They already have... Doc Brown will begin his UK tour on March 22nd starting at The Fleece in Bristol. We wish him the best of luck with that, and the new record. It's going to be a belter.