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Dark Tropics release ‘Keep Searching’

Ireland’s Dark Tropics have released their latest single Keep Searching, the follow-up their debut release Badlands and Moroccan Sun.

Showcasing a more vintage sound than heard in their previous releases, Keep Searching sees the duo draw upon a diverse array of influences, including the likes of Radiohead, Aretha Franklin and The Velvet Underground, and transform them into their own unique sound.

Keep Searching was inspired by the vibrancy and romance of '60s American soul music,” the band said. “It's about not wanting to be left behind and having the strength and resolve to chase a dream no matter what.”

Meanwhile, the video for Keep Searching sees singer Rio deliver a star turn, as she serves up some interpretive dance.

“The beauty of music is that everyone has a different perception of it,” Rio commented. “The video tells the story of a really troubled relationship. One where your identity is stripped and you need to search for the person you once were. It was directed by Thomas McKeown who used light and shade as a tool to further emphasise the emotion in the dancing and movement.”

The duo have so far picked up plaudits on both sides of the Atlantic, with Billboard including Moroccan Sun on its 10 Cool New Pop Songs rundown, while radio support has so far come from KEXP, Radio X and BBC Radio1/Introducing.