Emerging Headliner

Elaine: Right Now

South African R&B singer and songwriter Elaine is kicking off her next era of music with her new single, Right Now.

The song’s music video, directed by Nape Phasha, shows Elaine putting herself and her music first after being frustrated with her lover.

“This song is exactly what it means and feels like to welcome growth, celebrate being a confident woman and find comfort in independence,” says Elaine.

“When making this song, I remember walking up to the mic with a lot of things I was carrying in my heart but had trouble communicating and relaying to others. After I recorded it, things changed for me. The concept of love transformed from being a good lover to someone, to being a good lover to myself too.”

Right Now marks her first new song release since 2019’s EP, Elements, which was certified Platinum in South Africa, making Elaine the first independent female artist to ever reach #1 on the Apple Music Sub-Saharan African charts.

Elaine was born in Pretoria and began singing in a pre-school choir, immediately earning a love for the stage.

From that point, she participated in multiple talent show competitions both as a soloist and part of the choir, even winning a gold medal at 2014’s 8th World Choir Games in Riga, Latvia.

While studying in law school in 2019, Elaine had the urge to create her first project that later shaped into her debut EP, Elements.

Her breakout single, You're The One has over 6 million video views to date and hit #1 on Apple Music South Africa charts upon release.

Elaine just finished her law degree at Johannesburg’s University of the Witwatersrand and is working on a slew of new releases including her major-label debut album.