Emerging Headliner

Mozaics: Live at The Old Blue Last

On March 15th, alternative pop foursome, Mozaics, played an intimate gig at The Old Blue Last in Shoreditch. The space, lit by neon signs and haphazardly strung string lights, provided the perfect venue for the band showcase their brand new single, Before We Grow Old (which drops on May 11th), as well as a whole selection of both new and old material.

Opening with the single, Mozaics started the gig as they finished it - with electrifying guitar solos, punchy drum fills, and powerful vocals. They moved and played in sync with each other, with each musician growing and falling to ensure that everyone had their moment.

Yet the sound was never overwhelming: the vocals were big, but they managed to covey the meaning of the song, and the synths gave the track an almost whimsical feel.

Another highlight was Always Want You, a track that showed how versatile Mozaics are as a band. The song started with the synths, and an extremely catchy ascending riff, before the vocals took the song up a notch. After a simple breakdown, it exploded, with the introduction of the drums and bass - additions that made it sound really quite wonderful.

With their electrifying musicality and effortless charisma, this live performance showed just how versatile and talented Mozaics are as a band. Their track list showed how multi-faceted they are, whilst their performance showed them to be excellent performers as well as talented singer songwriters. Judging by this performance, they really are a band to watch.