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Endlesss app update allows music-makers to exchange stems between any DAW

Endlesss has launched two major updates to its collaborative mobile and desktop creation apps on iOS, MacOS and Windows, opening up its music creation workflow to third party instruments, effects and samples.

The latest update unlocks a new frontier of customisability, empowering music-makers to personalise the Endlesss music creation workflow with their favourite VST3 and audio unit plugins and exchange stems between Endlesss and Ableton, Logic, FL Studio, Pro Tools and any other DAW.

The app was first launched in March 2020 at the beginning of the Covid pandemic, connecting a locked-down world through an intuitive way to make music together remotely using in-app instruments and sounds recorded through the device mic.

Since then, Endlesss has added versions for MacOS and Windows, enabling musicians with both mobile and studio setups to connect and collaborate seamlessly across platforms.

Endlesss was created by acclaimed electronic musician Tim Exile and has been used by a long list of notable creators including Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Imogen Heap, electronica giants Underworld, Canadian indie-rockers Broken Social Scene and US comedian Hannibal Buress.

The technology behind Endlesss ensures that any customised Endlesss setup can connect from anywhere with an internet connection, maintaining the ability for instrumentalists, vocalists, beatmakers and songwriters to collaborate, regardless of which platform they’re on and which soft synths or effects they’re using.

Secondly, further enhancing collaborative capabilities, Endlesss now supports importing audio from other applications. Audio loops created in other applications can now be easily dropped into Endlesss, and then after collaborating, dropped back again to a musician’s DAW.

“From my experience as an artist, I yearned for my creativity to have an immediate impact rather than chasing perfection with no idea of the consequences it would make for months,” said Exile.

“In an age where creative tools are abundantly available and creative output can make an impact online in seconds, musical creativity is still characterised by complex tools optimised for intricacy, rather than fun.

“Now any musician can take something they’ve recorded on Ableton or Pro Tools, drop it into Endlesss, play around with it on the bus or join a jam to see what ideas others have, and then when they’re happy add it back into their DAW.

“At a time where our creativity can make an impact online in seconds, music creator tools are still slow and complex, taking days or weeks to make an impact. Endlesss is bringing the immediacy the modern world expects to music creation and distribution.”