Fuzz Skyler To Rock Out With QSC

London-based piano-rock band, Fuzz Skyler will be the fourth musical act to participate in QSC’s initiative to support the live events industry by providing their feedback on a QSC PA system.

As artists are currently unable to play live due to the restrictions caused by the worldwide pandemic – QSC is looking towards a time when they can play live again, when the need for live events will become more prevalent than ever.

QSC is looking to help kick-start artists’ comebacks when they return to live performance by giving them a chance to win an active loudspeaker system for their future gigs.

Fuzz Skyler will be putting two QSC K12.2 active loudspeakers and one QSC KS212C subwoofer through their paces.

Fuzz Skyler’s sound is fresh yet nostalgic, drawing influences from musical greats such as David Bowie, Muse and Queen.

On describing their formation, the band have a story to tell that would rival a movie trailer:

“Representatives from five nations are called to address one pressing matter. Greece stares into the depths of a black coffee, the smell of it infusing with the egg custard tart held by Portugal.

“Iran sets up the slides for the all-important presentation. The military-grade boots of Lithuania rest on the table as he reclines into a shadowy corner. One member is missing. Realising that Britain is still queuing to get in, Iran ushers him inside and the assembly is complete.”

No, this is not the UN. This is Fuzz Skyler. Their mission? To breathe new life into the world of rock music.

The group came together under British-Iranian lead singer and keys player, Fuzz. He headhunted drummer, Mark, at a David Bowie tribute act. They then auditioned Portuguese and Greek guitarists, Dan and Kostas, who insisted they came as a pair. Lithuanian bassist Arnie was the final piece to the puzzle.

This union has a grandeur to warrant stadiums. Interweaving piano, densely textured guitars and blistering drums, they mean to be the tip of the spear in ushering in a new wave of anthemic rock.

Their debut single Recall is the first of a four-track EP, recorded with award-winning producer Andrew Hunt, which will be released on February 19 2021.

"Recall is ultimately an exercise in finding a voice and then letting it be heard. We felt, for these reasons, that Recall would be the perfect song to introduce us as a band and to represent our musical identity. We hope that this track will uplift people and act as a rallying cry to all who share our love of rock music and to all who are trying to find their own voice," says Fuzz.

BBC Radio 1 presenter, Judge Jules described Fuzz Skyler as “an amazing band with a very distinctive sound, making noises in all the right places”.

Keep an eye on Headliner’s website for Fuzz Skyler’s feedback on the QSC PA system...

One lucky participant will win a system comprising two QSC K12.2 active loudspeakers and one QSC KS212C subwoofer, which will be raffled amongst all successfully featured applicants.

UPDATE: The entry period for this competition is now closed. The winner was...Fuzz Skyler! Check out their feedback and performance videos below!