Genelec Helps XD Inc. Create Immersive Game Audio Environment

Shanghai’s XD Inc. has upgraded its audio production facilities with a Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 mixing studio and three stereo editing suites, opting for Genelec Smart Active Monitors in each of the spaces.

The gaming company, best known for selling over 2 million copies of Human: Fall Flat in China within a week of launch, chose Genelec monitors to deliver a pristine audio experience that helps the developers understand the environment that they are creating.

“In the early stages of the project planning, we decided to go with the Dolby Atmos monitoring system, so that both production and post production could be carried out,” stated Fang Wan, audio director of XD Inc. "After conducting extensive research on similar products, we opted for the Genelec system. We found that not only does its smart calibration system provide an enormous advantage, the Genelec brand also has a fantastic reputation in the industry.”

While Suzhou Pineapple Acoustic Engineering Co. Ltd designed the acoustics for the Dolby Atmos mixing room and editing suites, the system integration and installation was handled by MusicKing (Shanghai) Cultural Development Co. Ltd.

All three editing suites are equipped with 8330 nearfield monitors. For the immersive room, the designers chose the three-way coaxial 8351s for the LCR positions, and 8330s for the surround and overhead channels - with a 7360 subwoofer delivering the lower frequencies.

The new audio production spaces have already proven to be advantageous to XD Inc., providing the 20-person team with the space and technology to research and create the right audio for the games they are working on. The facility has received unanimous praise from the entire audio team, with the monitors proving particularly popular.

“The soundfield is immersive and the positioning is accurate,” reflected Fang Wan on the mixing space. “In addition, it has great resolution and sufficient detail. The entire system has been finely calibrated to produce the most accurate sounds for us to be able to create with confidence.”