Genelec powers International Rugby Experience

Genelec 4010A installation speakers from Audiologic were recently installed for the International Rugby Experience, which celebrates the game at an international level and is located in the centre of Limerick City, known as the spiritual home of rugby.

Designed by world renowned architect Níall McLaughlin, the new seven-story building provides a new space to draw visitors to Limerick, as well as providing a new hub for the local community.

There was an absolute requirement for speakers that not only delivered exceptional audio but also blended seamlessly with the surroundings, offering an immersive encounter for visitors while remaining discreetly hidden.

“The challenge was clear: find an audio solution that not only met the highest standards of sound quality but also perfectly complemented the building's aesthetics and the overall experience,” said Jon Hughes, managing director, Rockbrook Group.

“Our previous successful experiences with Genelec speakers from Audiologic made the 4010A Installation Speakers the obvious choice for this project. Our confidence in Genelec's ability to deliver on all fronts, with accurate sound from a compact unit featuring an integrated amplifier, proved to be well-founded.”

Andy Matthews, business manager at Audiologic explained: “The active design of the Genelec 4000 series eliminates the need for bulky external power amplifiers. By housing the amplifiers, crossover filters, and protection circuitry within the speaker cabinet itself, electronics and drivers are mutually optimised, while also reducing the need for external amplifiers and cumbersome cabling.

“This design feature made the speakers an ideal choice for the immersive visitor experience, enabling seamless integration into the surroundings.”

Overall, almost 30 Genelec 4010s were installed across the visitor experience. In the intro room, the Genelec speakers set the stage with atmospheric, ambient sounds and tactile audio feedback, engaging visitors from the moment they step inside. The speakers' ability to fine-tune frequency responses and precisely reproduce computer-generated audio signals facilitated the delivery of sweeping sounds, including intricate details, with precision across the experiences.

"We believe in future-proof solutions, and the Genelec speakers truly embody that vision,” concluded Hughes. “With the Dante card and POE version, they offer versatility and adaptability. The speakers' robustness and reliability are crucial for a visitor centre operating seven days a week, and having remote control capability allows us to make any adjustments with ease."