QSC’s K12 PA System: What's The Verdict?

Artists are currently unable to play live due to the restrictions caused by the worldwide pandemic. QSC is looking towards a time when they can play live again, when the need for live events will become more prevalent than ever.

As part of QSC helping to kick-start artists’ comebacks when they return to live performances, the manufacturer offered participants a chance to win an active loudspeaker system for their future gigs.

Six artists / acts put two QSC K12.2 active loudspeakers and one QSC KS212C subwoofer through their paces over the last six months, and below are the results:

Fuzz Skyler

Winning the competition, London-based piano-rock band Fuzz Skyler rocked out with the system and had nothing but good things to say about it.

“We’ve done a few live streams from home, but it's just not the same,” says lead singer, Fuzz. “You realise how important live music is – you can't replace it. We're a very energetic band, and when we play live, there's a lot of energy, and we feed off the audience's energy as well. And when we don't have that, it's just not the same.”

Prior to using the QSC PA, the band were using the ones supplied by venues, which aren’t always up to par.

“Having this now, in future if we put on our own shows, we've got a lot more flexibility in terms of where we might want to play because we can provide a full backline now,” enthuses Mark.

“Now we can rock up anywhere and provide everything ourselves. I'm quite excited about the prospect of playing in some less obvious spaces – that could be quite interesting.”

“Before the lockdown, we were invited to two small festivals, and both festivals actually asked us to bring our PA system,” remembers Fuzz. “So we were planning on hiring a PA system for the day, but now we will just show up with one of the best PA systems! I've really been tempted to unpack the PA, put it in the living room, turn it all the way up and just listen to music for a day…”

Cameron Bloomfield

London-based singer-songwriter Cameron Bloomfield (picked as an artist to watch by Elton John) found the PA system almost too easy to use:


Next up was Jamielisa – better known as Jayli – a London based producer/DJ that has toured the world from Hong Kong, to Sydney, to New York and everywhere in between, supporting David Guetta, Mark Ronson and Swedish House Mafia, and has worked closely with global dance phenomenon, Hedkandi.

Jayli took the PA system for a spin in her kitchen with a festive mashup, and shared her favourite things about it:

Shan Ako

Singer-songwriter, guitarist, and star of London’s Les Misérables and The X Factor, Shan Ako sprinkled her positivity all over her live performance with the PA system, and was over the moon with its performance:


Hungarian artist, NAGYEDI said a little prayer with a little help from QSC, and shares what she loves about this PA system:

Harrison Walker

Last but certainly not least to test out the PA system was R&B/ trap artist, Harrison Walker, who performed his new single and shared his favourite things about the QSC system: