5 Questions With The Regrettes Frontwoman, Lydia Night

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The Regrettes' frontwoman, Lydia Night, talks female empowerment, stage fright and playing Coachella.

Since the release of your debut full-length EP, you’ve played Coachella, and landed on the covers of the L.A. Times and L.A. Weekly. what has adjusting to this experience been like?

Playing Coachella is such a dream come true. I used to always think to myself, wow, the day we play that is the day I know we’re doing something right; so to be playing for our second time this year is truly unbelievable.

Playing on TV is the only time in recent years I’ve experienced serious stage fright. There’s something so scary about it and I never remember what happened because I kind of black out.

What was the moment when things started taking off for the band?

I think when we started seeing people at our shows know the words. That is something that blew my mind so much and still blows my mind. There’s nothing cooler than having people yell lyrics about your life back at you. So cool.

Your lyrics have been described as having common themes of female empowerment, politics and love - do you agree with this, and if so, was this a conscious choice?

I agree, but I always write lyrics about a hundred other topics. It’s not a conscious choice really because it happens so naturally. I write about my thoughts and views on life and the world and they’re very honest - so those themes just happen to come out and become important to me.

How Do You Love represents you moving into a new era - what is different about this body of work, and what do you hope listeners will feel when they listen to it?

This full-length EP tells more of a story than our debut so I hope that listeners really try their best to hear the lyrics and piece it all together. I want everyone to feel empowered when it’s over.

How does Fender Next help emerging artists and why do you think this is an innovative and important initiative?

Fender Next is very sick. Fender has been a huge part of my life since I was a little kid and has always been my choice of guitar brand for electrics. It’s crazy and surreal to now be so tied in with them, I’m truly honored. They provide us whatever gear we need to tour and I can’t explain how grateful we are for it.