Jimi Hendrix: Living on through his Legacy

There are special artists who have the power to touch peoples’ lives through their work: some do it by creating visual masterpieces via paint on a canvas, a moving story, or an epic stage performance; others heighten the auditory aspects of human emotions through beautifully written notes that either transport listeners to a different dimension or evoke wonderful memories.

Conversely, there are exceptional ones, artists like Jimi Hendrix, who meshed great aesthetics with aural chefs-d’oeuvre, and ended up with a highly influential persona.

Back in what was supposed to be Jimi Hendrix’s 70th birthday in 2012, lifelong fan Dr. Leahcim Semaj organised a listening party in Jamaica called ‘Jimi’s Jam’. The event, which took place at the Asante Adonai in Winefield, St. Ann, celebrated the legacy of Hendrix and fulfilled his desire to play records even after his death. It featured different performances highlighted by the Mind Expansion Audio Experience and the Earthing Experience. This occasion also showed his interviews and documentary. Furthermore, there were DJ sets, as well as segments where guitarists covered Jimi Hendrix songs and the Jamaican National Anthem.

Jimi Hendrix has long been gone from this world, yet his music – not to mention his iconic performances – continues to live on in the hearts of people worldwide. There are timeless anthems such as ‘Purple Haze’, as well as memorable shows at Woodstock in 1969 and Monterey Pop in 1967 (see below).

These ripples created huge waves, so much so that even after close to five decades, his image lingers in modern pop culture. His face, story, or music can be seen on shirts, heard on compilation albums, and read on music magazines. Guitar models used by Hendrix such as the Fender Stratocaster also experienced sky-high sales after his rise to fame.

Hendrix's likeness is also used on a bunch of video games like BandFuse: Rock Legends from Realta Entertainment Group. Elements of funk, which he also popularised, influenced online games such as the Jimi Hendrix slots game on entertainment platform Pocketfruity, which over the years has become famous for releasing cutting-edge games such as the sparkling Starburst title that seemingly reflects the flamboyance and liveliness which is associated with a lot of artists, including Hendrix.

On the whole, Jimi Hendrix withstands the test of time and conformity, so much so that even up to this day, fans worldwide organise particular events that celebrate his music and artistry. The birthday commemorative event for him was just a simple reflection of his scope to a wider audience. It shows the power of a bona fide artist, and how he influences people, years, even decades after his passing. Indeed, Jimi Hendrix will forever be immortalised with all the masterpieces he left behind.