Hotone Audio’s Ampero II Stomp Strikes The Right Tone

Brand new from Hotone Audio is Ampero II Stomp, a second generation amp modeller and effects processor.

Powered by a tri-core platform and a Hi-Fi grade ESS Sabre AD/DA, Hotone states that the Ampero II Stomp pushes the Ampero sound to a new level, delivering a more detailed, organic sound, with richer tonal dimensions.

A highly customisable dual-effect chain and advanced functions have been introduced, while its pedalboard-friendly design make it a strong choice for pedal fanatics.

In the past, digital multi effects could be criticised for producing a dull, lifeless sound. Hotone’s aim has always been to eliminate this stereotype, and the manufacturer has devoted its efforts to crafting an authentic sound comparable to what one would experience from a real amplifier.

The company’s CDCM HD + F.I.R.E modelling technology models every component of the original device, building a model that tracks the dynamic variations of the instrument’s input signal, which maximises the capability for the reproduction of the exact sound characteristics of the modelled object, while claiming to deliver a more dynamic, “in-the-moment” tonal feel.

Ampero II Stomp implements the brand new tri-core digital platform and independent AD/DA from the ESS Sabre Series, combined with the more advanced CDCM HD and F.I.R.E modeling technology to create more musically dynamic and vivid tones. 

It also introduces a highly customisable dual effects chain supporting multiple serial/parallel signal routing up to 12 effects modules, which can be used simultaneously, as well as a fresh UI design to make things more accessible, while editing overall settings and switching patches can be also managed with ease.

For players looking for maximum versatility, Ampero II Stomp’s 8-in/8-out USB audio interface function facilitates users that want to monitor wet and record dry, or record wet and dry at the same time, and of course, reamp.

Meanwhile, Ampero II Stomp now supports up to 2048 IR sampling points, doubled up from the previous generation, furthermore reproducing captured cabinets and studio acoustics with precision, while 20 classic Celestion speaker IRs powered by Celestion Digital and 50 more custom IR slots will hugely rejuvenate the energy of the user’s music.

It also boasts a library of over 400+ effects, including 87 amp models, 68 cab models, over 100 pedal models, over 60 Hotone original effects covering high quality distortion, dynamic, filter, modulation, delay and reverb options, while a built-in stereo looper supports a maximum of 60 seconds stereo recording, backed up by supplemental yet necessary functions such as undo/redo, 1/2 speed, reverse record/play, and more.

Furthermore, users can pair up more instruments, pedals and amps, and just like using an effects pedal, users just connect the output of Ampero II Stomp with the input of an amp – although users can use additional external controllers or other effects pedals in the FX loop of Ampero II Stomp if needed.

When connected to power amps, users can adjust the parameters of Ampero II Stomp just like with a real amp. When connected to the FX Loop Return jack of certain guitar amps, this is where the specially designed preamp modules in Ampero II Stomp shine.

Users can also put Ampero II Stomp into their pedalboard as they desire and set up the bypass mode or FX loop depending on their needs, allowing Ampero II Stomp and other pedals to coexist harmoniously.

The shape of Ampero II Stomp fits perfectly as a stompbox in the pedalboard matrix, making it both portable and practical.

Ampero II Stomp is available now for $499.99.