James Arthur Premiers New Single On Twitch

James Arthur has premiered his latest track, Medicine, to his fans while streaming Fifa on his Twitch channel.

Twitch is a leading live streaming platform for gamers, and Arthur says using the platform to promote his music is something he plans to do more in future.

"That's where everything's headed," he told BBC Sounds podcast Press X to Continue.

"Me and my management have talked a lot about doing a big stream - an all-encompassing thing - where we'll play some Fifa and do some music.”

Arthur said that he likes the new way of connecting with fans:

"It's more accessible than anything, isn't it?" he said.

"They're sitting with me for four or five hours as I'm playing Fifa. They get to feel like they're hanging out with me and my boys - we've got a bunch of my friends from back home - so they get to see a different side of my personality, one that you would never see in an interview or on the usual kind of things that I do. There's no filter."

James says it's a "really, really cool" idea to offer players respite from the in-game action with a little music, blending the best of both music and video games together for one spectacular event.

"It makes total sense to me," he said. "I think it's great."