Installed Audio

JBL Professional launches Pro SoundBar PSB-2 with HDMI and Bluetooth support

Harman Professional Solutions has announced the launch of its JBL Professional Pro SoundBar PSB-2, which expands its PSB soundbar lineup by adding HDMI and Bluetooth digital source inputs.

The PSB-2 is engineered to deliver focused audio while minimising sound transfer to neighbouring rooms, making it an ideal solution for hotel rooms, cruise ship staterooms, meeting spaces, classrooms and additional applications.

Specifically tuned for human speech, PSB-2 integrates a front-facing speaker that delivers significantly enhanced fidelity over internal television speakers. The improved clarity at low volume levels ensures that users can hear clearly without the need to increase volume unnecessarily, thereby reducing the likelihood of disturbing occupants in adjacent rooms. Additionally, a two-position volume limiting switch provides further control over volume levels.

To support the most popular sources, HDMI and Bluetooth digital inputs are included and a single source control button on top of the speaker makes switching between sources simple.

For applications requiring analogue-only input needs, the JBL PSB-1 Soundbar is also available. Automatic Bluetooth pairing management and the ability to update the Bluetooth name of each PSB-2 can be helpful when managing multiple PSB-2s.

Featuring commercial-grade materials and construction, PSB-2’s durable exterior is designed to withstand the rigours of daily commercial use and is also easy to clean. To prevent tampering, a lockout plate concealing the available service port is also included.

With room-focused sound, simplified digital connectivity and durable materials and finish, the JBL PSB-2 is an ideal solution that’s perfect for a wide range of professional hospitality, corporate, and education applications.

"When we launched the PSB-1, our customers really appreciated having an affordable, professional-grade soundbar that could combine sound transfer minimization and legendary JBL audio and durability,” said Steve Mathis, product manager, Installed Audio at Harman Professional Solutions. “We’re excited to launch PSB-2 because it enhances everything great about PSB-1 while providing customers with the flexibility to support the popularity of HDMI and Bluetooth sources to further elevate the user experience.”