Installed Audio

K-array revives Pisa’s Marchionneschi Theatre: “That's how you maintain an audience”

The Marchionneschi Theatre in Pisa recently benefited from an installation of a new K-array sound system.

In an effort led by well-known Italian musician, Antonio Aiazzi, the system upgrade is part of a wider project aimed at transforming the space into a hub for musicians while reclaiming the Marchionneschi’s position as a cultural centre following the challenges posed by the pandemic.

The ‘Arte Residente’ project began at the end of 2021. Its aim was to revive the local theatre and encourage audiences back for live performances. Recognising the potential of this project, numerous companies including K-array, decided to support the venue as it worked to set the standard for professional live audio.

“When I leave a concert where I have heard good music and experienced it fully, I can't wait to return for another performance,” explains Aiazzi. “That's how you create and maintain an audience."

That's how you create and maintain an audience. Antonio Aiazzi

For live music performances, it is crucial for performers to hear their voices clearly. To meet this need, the installation features K-array’s Pinnacle-KR802 portable amplification system. Additionally, Mastiff wedge monitors ensure clear on-stage monitoring.

The project has welcomed a diverse community of artists hailing from the music industry and beyond. From recording albums to rehearsing for upcoming tours, the Marchionneschi has become a focal point of the creative community. The end goal is to establish a circular system of services and hospitality for these artists and the entire village of Guardistallo, where the theatre is located.

Artists and sound engineers have expressed their satisfaction with the acoustics of the theatre, which provide them with a reliable reference for the sound reproduced during tours, whilst the ‘Arte Residente’ project has also become popular for artist recording sessions.

“We’re thrilled to be a part of the Arte Residente project,” confirms Alessandro Tatini, CEO and President at K-array.

“Arte Residente is a project that not only empowers musicians and creatives but also brings benefits to the local community here in Tuscany through the revival of their local cultural hub.”

Looking towards the future, ‘Arte Residente’ collaborators and Piccola Parigi, manager at the Marchionneschi Theatre, aim to leverage the sound quality achieved at the theatre to inspire the creation of a network of similar venues worldwide.