Installed Audio

KGEAR showcases GU210 sub & GMX4L mixer at ISE 2024

Part of the K-array brand ecosystem, KGEAR revealed two new product launches at ISE 2024: the GU210 subwoofer and GMX4L mixer.

KGEAR specialises in versatile, accessible and easy-to-use pro-audio solutions for a wide range of AV applications, including hospitality, leisure, corporate and education environments.

The brand offers an expanded portfolio of solutions for everyday audio needs that don’t compromise on quality or performance. The GU210 subwoofer is ideal for fixed installations, especially in environments where a discreet audio solution is required.

Enclosed within a stainless-steel cabinet and grille, the subwoofer boasts an IP rating of IP64, making it appropriate for indoor and outdoor installations. The GU210 also comes in both a black and white finish, allowing it to slot seamlessly into any project design.

“The launch of the GU210 is significant because it fills a gap in our portfolio by providing a performance subwoofer with a versatile 10” form factor,” explained Lorenzo De Poi, brand manager at K-array and KGEAR. “This expands the pairing possibilities and opens up more opportunities for fixed installations.”

Launched alongside the premium subwoofer, the GMX4L mixer is an expansion of KGEAR’s GM44L matrix and provides a complete solution for commercial, corporate and hospitality applications. User-friendly controls and accessible advanced options also make the mixer ideal for a range of abilities.

The compact four-channel analog mixer comes with four mic/line inputs, one auxiliary line input, two balanced/unbalanced outputs and an adjustable output limiter. Sound can be customised using individual input assignment and +48V Phantom power. The GMX4L’s built-in limiter also protects your system from peaks.

“This is a big development for KGEAR, as we didn’t have a solution other than amplifiers and loudspeakers in our product portfolio,” explained De Poi. “The GMX4L is a much-needed expansion of the line towards the electronics behind the amplifiers. It feels like a natural progression for us and we’re looking forward to seeing the creative ways in which it can be used.”

The mixer has been designed for use across hospitality, commercial, corporate, education and small venue applications. Reliable and efficient, the GMX4L integrates seamlessly with KGEAR’s amplifiers and the GM44L matrix for a complete audio solution.