Is LANDR Allowing Producers To Upmaster Tracks To Dolby Atmos?

LANDR is announcing a new service to add to its growing offerings for labels, music producers and artists, which it claims will allow them to upmaster stereo tracks to Dolby Atmos.

According to the company, users can choose from a partially automated approach, guided by an audio professional, or they can work with one of the skilled professional engineers on the LANDR Network for more nuanced custom mixes.

LANDR Upmastering was crafted under the sonic supervision of Daniel Rowland, producer/engineer of Oscar-winning, Grammy-nominated projects and LANDR’s head of strategy, and Matt Guiler, renowned Atmos film trailer mixer of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Venom, Jumanji, and numerous other immersive mixes for Apple, Sony, Paramount, Netflix, Disney, Warner and Amazon.

LANDR is a platform where creators can make, master, and distribute their music. By providing high-caliber tools and what the company calls “meaningful connections” (via LANDR Network), LANDR is designed to act as a hub for independent minded creators with high standards for their music and projects.

Dolby Atmos versions of new releases and catalogue favourites are currently available via major music services like Apple Music, Tidal, and Amazon Music, and can be enjoyed via hundreds of popular products like AirPods Pro and Sonos speakers.

“Atmos is becoming an essential format and is increasingly in demand,” said Pascal Pilon, LANDR CEO.

“We wanted to offer this service as quickly as possible, once it became clear that Atmos would likely be a necessary step in the creation process for many. We’re solving the problem of access and affordability for those who need Atmos versions for an entire catalogue or for their new EP.”

LANDR Upmastering offers labels and creators the ability to render their mastered stereo tracks into the Atmos format for $100 per track (with a special kickoff offer of $75 for the month of October).

This will expand access to Atmos for more creators and scale the content available in this new format.

While this partially automated process will render stereo into immersive tracks, LANDR says it will also support those who seek something more specific and tailored.

Studios such as Amsterdam-based Future Phonic Studios will make sure the drums are in just the right position in space, for example, or that the vocals move past the listener just so.

“We built our AI-powered mastering to complement, not replace, the amazing work engineers do every day,” said Pilon.

“This service is similarly a collaboration between automated technology and the very important human touch, which will ensure every upmastered track meets our artists’ high standards.”