LD Systems Live Sessions: Bellsavvy performs new single ‘Lucy’

In this sixth LD Systems Live Sessions, powered by Headliner, Brazilian pop artist Bellsavvy performs original song Lucy live at Signal House Studios in Hertfordshire through an LD Systems MAUI G3 rig and MON 15 A G3 Stage Monitors. We caught up with her after the performance to find out more about her artistry...

How did you first get into music?

I was a model before, and my mother is a professional singer; she was always telling me I needed to sing. She tried so much during my childhood to put me in singing groups, but I wanted to be a model. So I was, and then at some point she really asked if I could give music a chance, and at that point I felt fulfilled enough to start exploring other things. I always loved music and was always connected to it, along with acting. I would put an Evanescence track on over and over again and pretend I was in the music video for it – that was when I was around 10 years old.

In school I was scouted by a group of people from a school talent contest. I was placed as a vocalist in a band and we came second place nationally. I was given a lot of opportunity to be myself and feel fulfilled with what I was doing. My modelling career didn’t give me that - I think that music is much more honest and beautiful and deep. I wanted to connect with people and through my voice I could do that.

Professionally, the first experience I had was on MTV Brazil as a singer in a TV show they used to have a couple of years ago. I used to sing chart songs live on the show. I’ve done some Broadway musicals as well, and from there I started wanting to be a solo pop singer and songwriter. I wanted to come to London, so I left Brazil and went to Berlin first to create a production portfolio. Shortly after that I signed for a UK and Austria-based label. That’s when I changed my name to Bellsavvy and started being a professional artist. That was in 2020 in the middle of the chaos of the pandemic.

What have you been up to more recently?

My plan at the beginning of 2023 was to consistently release songs. I really wanted to put things out, but I’ve been through a very interesting artistic development with myself, where I went from pop to Latin pop, then to Latin music, then back to Latin pop and now I’m back in pop. I felt like I could better shape my art and understand where I was going to end up. Because I had this change of heart and it was so true to me, I decided to prepare an album, telling the stories behind a couple of things I've been through recently.

I’ve also been doing a lot of live music. I’ve been on tour and I’ve done a couple of pop and Latin festivals. I completed my first European tour in the middle of summer - it was amazing and a blessed year for live performances and developing myself as an artist.

Tell us about your new track, Lucy.

I'm so in love with Lucy because Lucy is me in a song. Lucy has everything I needed to be able to transform and transcript the feelings I was having in a toxic and abusive relationship into a song, where I could actually put out all of that mess, pain and darkness I was living in this abusive relationship. When you are in a relationship like this, people look for therapy, people look for ways of helping themselves, and while I was always very resilient in my life in multiple ways, I had music, and I know that music is my therapy.

Lucy is one of the most important chapters of the album because it's a song in which I actually kick the door in and say, ‘you tried to put me in that dark place which belongs to you, but I'm God's little girl so never mind. We're sending you to hell; get out of my life.’ The relationship was with a very narcissistic, gaslighting person who almost convinced me I was worth nothing, and that I was the bad guy. The name of the song Lucy refers to Lucifer, because he used to say that I was the devil. Lucy is about this super strong energy of, I’m not the bad guy, I know who I am, I love myself, and I’m back on it.

What is it like being an independent artist in today’s industry?

It’s really tough. We can romanticise it and say it’s amazing because we have control over our own content etc. and I agree with that, but everything has a cost and needs investment. It’s lovely on one hand because you have more freedom and can try different things, but we need structure and more opportunities to be seen. The financial side of things is definitely one of the biggest struggles.

How did you find performing through the LD Systems MAUI rig?

I found performing through the LD Systems rig absolutely fabulous. It sounds so good, and just made me feel so in the moment. You get that 360 degree music feeling all around and it feels really professional. High quality, high tech, high everything – I loved it and it was an amazing session. I actually want to have one of these in my house! The system is honestly spot on, and I would definitely suggest it to anyone.