LD Systems Live Sessions: Jade Morgan Kelly performs original song ‘Stuck Between’

In this eighth LD Systems Live Sessions, powered by Headliner, Hertfordshire-based songstress Jade Morgan Kelly performed original number Stuck Between at Signal House Studios. Jade performed through an LD Systems MAUI G3 rig and MON 15 A G3 Stage Monitors, and caught up with Headliner after the performance to discuss how she’s been keeping busy of late…

What have you been up to recently?

These last few months I’ve been promoting my debut EP, Guide To Letting Go, which was released back in November, and I had a headline show at Two Palms in Hackney to follow.

This year I’ve had loads of studio sessions, and I’ve got loads of singles coming for the year. I also had a support show at Colours on the 15th March that I’d been rehearsing a lot for.

How did you first get into music?

My dad would always play guitar with me - he was a bassist. When I was at school I was in the choir, the jazz band etc. and then I discovered BIMM in London, where I studied from 16 to 20. I did a diploma and degree course there, and I’ve been doing music ever since.

Can you give us some backstory to your original song, Stuck Between?

I wrote this song on the 31st January last year. I’d just come out of a relationship; I hadn’t seen them, and I knew I was going to be seeing them at a night out, in a club. I was in this really weird phase of healing and hurting at the same time. I felt like I’d moved on from the situation, but I knew that the second I saw them it would completely disrupt that whole healing process, and that’s exactly what happened. I remember walking down the stairs to the venue and seeing them across the room, and everything that I thought I’d healed from just came back and hit me.

So Stuck Between is just about being stuck between healing and hurting; you want to call them but you know it’s not going to be worth it, so it’s about that whole process in the healing journey.

What’s it like being an independent artist in today’s industry?

Being an independent artist in the industry is a very tiring but exciting journey. I feel like the industry has changed so much since I was younger, from CDs and seeing people on MTV. It’s really inspiring to be able to be free with what you do with your music, and who you are as an artist, and not being moulded into something that a team or a label want. I’m slowly but surely getting there, but I feel like I can be completely free in what I create, who I am, what I look like, how I perform, and who I perform with.

How did you find using the LD Systems rig today?

The LD Systems rig produced a really clear and crisp sound. With my guitarist Chico, I always find that if you're in a session and you can’t hear yourself properly on the front monitors, then it’s not going to be an easy recording. The surround system we used today was really good and I would definitely recommend it to any artists that are going to be performing live or recording live sessions like today.