Lectrosonics launches new DBa transmitter

Lectrosonics has introduced its compact new DBa digital belt pack transmitter as part of the DSW (Digital Secure Wireless) microphone system.

This cool little unit boasts pristine sonics thanks to its 24-bit/48kHz digital audio, and is designed for use in theatres, film making, and live touring. Although it's little and lightweight, a rugged machined metal construction means it can hold its own in pretty much any environment.

With AES-256-CTR (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption technology opens further doors for the the DBa transmitter: corporate boardrooms, shareholder meetings, and government facilities; anywhere where privacy is of paramount concern.

This cool little unit boasts pristine sonics, and is suited to theatres, film making, and touring.

The DBa benefits from wide-band tuning (470-698 MHz), a highly linear RF output stage for reduced intermodulation distortion, and a true 50 mW transmission RF power for excellent range and resistance to dropouts. Furthermore, the TA5M mic/line input found on the DBa digital wireless belt pack transmitter accepts all lavaliere and head-worn microphones wired for Lectrosonics servo-input transmitters.

According to Karl Winkler, Lectrosonics’ VP of Sales, the DBa is the ideal tool for critical audio applications where sound quality is first on the list:
"The DBa also has that classic Lectrosonics feel of machined metal," Winkler says. "Not only is the sonic quality fantastic, you know it will always hold up when things get tough.”

The DBa digital belt pack transmitter is available now, with an MSRP of $2,150USD.