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A-T mics used on Classic Open-Air in Germany

The spectacular classical music production, 'Schloss in Flammen' (Castle In Flames) takes place in the courtyard of the Mannheim Castle - it fuses a stunning mixture of classical music and synchronised fireworks, and the orchestra and solo singers from the National Theatre of Mannheim also perform arias and other parts of various famous operas.

The big challenge of this production is that there is almost no time for rehearsals or soundcheck, according to FOH engineer, Rolf Dressler, who uses an Allen & Heath dLive for the show. As an open-air event lacks the familiar acoustics of a concert hall, he uses dLive’s internal FX library to simulate them:

"The reverb programs of dLive sound really convincing and natural; I’m using six different reverbs for high and low strings, woodwind and brass instruments, percussion, and vocals," he explains.

Dressler is also a big Audio-Technica advocate when it comes to microphones, and uses an array on this production:

"I use A-T for many of the classical instruments: for violins, violas and woodwind, I use AT4021s; for cello and basses, it's Pro35s, and for percussion, I opt for condenser microphones like the AT4021 and AT2013."

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